Connecting accomplished Creators of great food to avid consumers of it.

By connecting the worlds top food content creators to their biggest fans.

The world changed in 2020. Content creation boomed and as the world was stuck at home we rediscovered the joy of cooking.
Why we cook has not changed in thousands of years. How we cook has.

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Meet the team

Giles Russel


Dan Carew


The Dung An


Our Story

The three of us joined forces at the Antler Australia generator as a part of their fourth Sydney cohort.
"Antler is a global early-stage VC helping build the defining companies of tomorrow by investing in the most exceptional people in Australia."

We came together throughout the program and ultimately ended up working together through a shared vision of the company and strong connections to the problems we have set out to solve.

Giles spent the last eight years founding and scaling Two Hands in New York and Austin before returning to Australia in search of his next venture.
Dan  has expertise across sales and marketing after a diverse career across multiple industries including two years in London at Europes largest B2B online food marketplace.
An brings all the technical nous to the team after a successful career at Barclays, Symantec and Amazon leading software engineering teams a long the way.

The two biggest problems we found were:
1. Finding and consuming recipes online sucks! Random search results, ads everywhere and the recipes are never in the unit measurements we understand or the recipe is for the wrong amount of people we are cooking for.

2. Content creators are not rewarded fairly for the blood, sweat and tears they put into their content for all of us to enjoy. The ad revenue model is unfair and as the internet becomes more saturated it becomes harder and harder to stand out and get a fair piece of the shrinking pie.

adash is bringing the worlds top food content creators to your mobile device. To share their recipes, tips and tricks on a platform where they are fairly rewarded.
Majority of your monthly subscription goes into their pocket and the rest is being spent to improve and develop the app for you as a customer.