Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when users sign up organically?

A share of their subscription is divided between all creators on the percentage of videos watched each month.

By signing up will I be guaranteed a spot on the platform?

We limit the amount of Creators on the platform to ensure there is enough revenue for it to be worth each content creators time.
adash was built to ensure you are fairly rewarded for the effort you put in.

Can other creators take my subscribers?

No! Once they sign up through your channels you own them.

How much money can I make?

The limit is your imagination...

What equipment do I need to create?

You can record your content in any way you like. We don't put expectations or requirements on your content or how you film it.
We trust that you know what your Fans want and that you will do what they see as delicious.

How do I get access to the exclusive closed launch?

Sign up to the waitlist. You will be the first to know around our next release.

Do I only get access to one Creator?

No! You get access to EVERY RECIPE from EVERY CREATOR.

How many recipes can I watch each month?

The limit does not exist. You have unlimited access to EVERY RECIPE from EVERY CREATOR.

How are the recipes curated to me?

Based on your dietary, taste, available time and general preferences we curate recipe suggestions form your favorite Creators.

Do I get access to the adash online community?

Of course! Your subscription gives you access to people just like you. Share your photos, tips and tricks with other members.
This is where you will find out about all our community events and updates.